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Do you have applications that are

  • Time critical
  • Transfer massive files (100 GB – 10 TB)
  • Trigger large network flows (10 Mbs – 100 Mbps)

We call these Demanding Internet Apps. They are

  • Exorbitantly expensive to operate over MPLS
  • Deliver too slowly over the Internet, and are
  • Too big for a CDN.

Particularly when latencies are greater than 100 ms.

Demanding Internet Apps need a high quantity of high-quality, low variability bandwidth speed to deliver acceptable QoE.

LiveNETWORK™ is the first SD-QoE global cloud service for Demanding Internet apps. With LiveNETWORK™ these apps see a faster, less variable, lower latency network. For example, instead of these apps always blindly following the often-congested internet route, LiveNETWORK™ can avoid this congestion by relaying these apps over popular public clouds like Softlayer, AWS, Digital Ocean, and Azure.


LiveNETWORK™ consists of,

  • A fast global 10Gbps cloud overlay network
  • Optional client side protocol optimizers called LiveTCP™ and LiveUDP™.
  • Optional client side network monitoring called LiveVIEW™.

The LiveNETWORK™ cloud overlay network, in concert with the optional client side optimizers and network monitoring, are designed to deliver the highest network performance as required by Demanding Internet Applications.

LiveTCP™ dramatically reduces the impact of latency on TCP-based applications. LiveTCP™ increases application performance and throughput by replacing standard TCP implementations with enhanced TCP algorithms that are selected and tuned on a per-flow basis according to application requirements and measured network conditions. LiveTCP™ maximizes application performance and fully leverages network resources to ensure high QoE.

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LiveUDP™ is LiveQoS®’ patented and patent-pending family of packet loss protection solutions. Packet loss causes applications to slow down, video to breakup, and audio quality to degrade. When the Link Profiler detects packet loss, LiveUDP™ is activated and continually tuned by the QoS Controller to provide the exact amount of protection required by each application to deliver high QoE. Three different LiveUDP™ algorithms are used to create over 30 different encoding modes. These algorithms include Zero Latency Loss Protection, Audio Loss Protection, and Video Loss Protection. Each algorithm is designed for the needs of a different set of target applications.

LiveRTP™ provides extremely high correction rates to audio streams such as unified communications, rich communication services and other audio/video communication systems, resulting in clearer audio and better application performance. LiveRTP™ also provides bandwidth-efficient high correction rates to video streams, resulting in smoother video and better quality. LiveRTP™ is a patented, RTP™ compliant QoE solution.



LiveVIEW™ gives application and service providers and original equipment manufacturers visibility into network conditions of LiveVIEW™ enabled devices to identify and diagnose IP-based application performance issues.