Do Your Users Think Your Internet Is Not Fast Enough?

LiveQoS® is for SaaS Providers, OEMs, and Enterprise-class organizations who need to accelerate their internet transfer speeds — consistently, reliably, and affordably.

As Martin Geddes writes in his paper “[thrive_2step id=’933′]The Rise of the Virtual Quality Network[/thrive_2step]“, users are increasingly finding the Internet is a disappointment for their application needs. After all, enterprises greatly value predictability for stable business operations. The Internet is not presently designed to deliver any kind of assured access services. The backbones select routes in order to minimize cost, not maximize quality. The end result is highly variable quality and unpredictable application performance.

The only current alternative to cheap and unpredictable broadband Internet access is to buy dedicated circuits (with MPLS or Ethernet). This is very expensive, can take a long time to provision, may not always be available, requires long contract- lock in, and involves forgoing a lot of the efficiency benefits of packet data. In other words, it is the antithesis of the “on demand” promise of cloud and affordability of statistical resource sharing.

So, what’s the solution?

Introducing LiveQoS®' Virtual Quality Network

Our VQN overlay network provides managed long haul connectivity from local points of presence. The result is substantially better than the standard public Internet, and far more affordable than MPLS.

LiveNETWORK™ provides a means to overcome many performance issues by simply turning on our VQN to bypass the very quality of experience issues that users lament.



Global 10Gbps multi-cloud global routable overlay network
(e.g. Softlayer, AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure)

24/7 Network Analyzers

24/7 network analyzers that map and provide network insight between the points of presence.

High Bandwidth High Quality Routes

Automatically seeks out high bandwidth high quality routes from user’s device to destination device.

Configurable Classes

Configurable classes of service by application type and traffic profile.

Robust Design

Robust design to detect and handle issues/failures.


Safe/Secure – avoid going over public internet.


RESTful API, requiring no proprietary hardware or software installations.

Multiple Onboarding Methods

Multiple onboarding methods such as DNS registration, or on client app

Private Management Interface

Private management interface for administrators to configure network resources and policies.

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