Heavy-Data Power Lifts (>100GB)

  • Massive File Transfers
  • Cloud Backup and Restore
  • VDI-VM-Cloud Migrations

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Heavy-Data Power Lifts (>100GB)


Today, transferring time critical enterprise heavy-data (>100GB) between global data centers or geo dispersed users is challenging.

  • MPLS links are very fast and reliable but incredibly expensive.
  • Broadband internet is ten times more cost effective than MPLS but can be unpredictable, unreliable, and at times too slow.
  • Content delivery networks (CDNs) like Akamai are affordable, consistently fast, but unfortunately aren’t designed to handle the enormous size presented by heavy-data that can often be measured in terms of terabytes.

Compounding this challenge is that all applications are not created equally.

Heavy-data transfers is becoming a more common business requirement in several industries. For example, in the video production workflows require transferring raw video files between global partners. These files can be easily hundreds of gigabytes in size and take 10+ hours per transfer.

Another example, is the enterprise backup-restore, and disaster recovery cloud service market. High speed data restore from the cloud is far more critical than high speed data backup up to the cloud.

Disaster recovery and business continuity services are also delivered by these providers. Backing up data centers and cloud VM infrastructure, protects enterprises from natural disasters, data center downtime, denial of service attacks, etc. Having hot, remote standby, failover locations means having to get the most current heavy-data snapshot fast to the affected locations.

Lastly, new distributed computing models are emerging. For example, instead of moving heavy-data sets to remote cloud VMs in some cases it might be quicker to move the compute to the data.

Heavy-Data Power Lifts (>100GB)


LiveONE™ is the first SD QoE Cloud service purpose built for Heavy-Data applications.

Unlike proprietary UDP file transfer solutions, LiveONE™ is more cost effective and has no complex techie setup.

Unlike CDNs or other middle mile networks LiveONE™ is not limited to just oneway HTTP data flows but can support virtually any transport protocol including bi-directional UDP.

Unlike affordable file sharing services, LiveONE™ can deliver Heavy-Data many times faster.