Heavy-Data Flow Apps (>10Mbps)

  • Rich VDI
  • HD Video Communications
  • 4K-8K Streaming

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Heavy-Data Flow Apps (>10Mbps)


Cloud applications can’t be mentioned without a discussion around performance. Nothing kills a user experience quicker than buffering applications, lag, and spinning balls. Users have very little tolerance for poor cloud application performance, in fact their expectations are that they operate as if they were local. If these applications do have a poor user experience the users simply leave for an alternative service costing the service precious revenue.

Compounding this challenge is that all applications are not created equally. Heavy-Data Flow apps are more challenging because of the large amount of high quantity of high quality of bandwidth required per session (10Mbps–100Mbps).

For example, Desktop Virtualization (VDI) gets pushed into a Heavy-Data Flow state when it’s operating across multiple screens (e.g. 3-4 screens) and performing graphic intensive applications like AutoCAD.

Another example is performing high definition video communications like those found in Telepresence applications that need 30Mbps-40Mbps per session.

Lastly, 4K-8K video streaming, like that used in broadcasting live news or sporting events, is a very taxing Heavy-Data Flow app.

Heavy-Data Flow Apps (>10Mbps)


LiveONE™ is the first SD QoE Cloud service purpose built for Heavy-Data applications.

Unlike proprietary UDP file transfer solutions, LiveONE™ is more cost effective and has no complex techie setup.

Unlike CDNs or other middle mile networks LiveONE™ is not limited to just oneway HTTP data flows but can support virtually any transport protocol including bi-directional UDP.

Unlike affordable file sharing services, LiveONE can deliver Heavy-Data many times faster.