Do you suffer through slow and painful uploads or downloads of massive files?
Frustrated by unreliable video conferences, poor VoIP quality, and unusable collaboration apps?
Are your virtual desktop users experiencing lag, choppy video, and unpredictable internet performance?


Your Virtual Quality Network

Specifically for OEMs, ISVs, SaaS Providers, and Enterprise environments that need fast, high quality-of-experience internet performance and delivery.

Are You Moving
Massive Amounts of Data?

  • Large File Transfers
  • Up To or Down From the Cloud
  • Faster and Easier than FTP

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Do You Use
Real-Time Applications?

  • Virtual Desktop – VDI
  • VoIP
  • Collaboration Apps – Skype, Jabber, RCS

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The Virtual Quality Network Company

Virtual Quality Networks (VQN) is a new category of network infrastructure. Just like VPNs isolate sensitive traffic based on security needs, VQNs isolate important traffic based on quality needs.

LiveNETWORK™ utilizes your existing networks and “reroutes” traffic to get the maximum value out of them. As a result, your applications and processes that require consistent and reliable high bandwidth or high data throughput experience optimal performance every time, delivering an unprecedented quality of experience for your users and your customers.

The Rise of the VQN (and the demise of the Internet)

Recognized industry thought leader Martin Geddes explains Virtual Quality Networks have finally enabled enterprises and SaaS application developers the ability to deliver engineered experiences and predictable performance for the cloud. Ironically, he claims, the loser may well be the present internet, which has an unsustainable technical and economic model.

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The Rise of the VQN


Our team of networking experts has distilled their knowledge and experience into groundbreaking products:

  • Our TCP acceleration technology accelerates data transfers from 1x to 20x.
  • Our UDP acceleration technology attacks packet loss and latency to improve application quality.
  • Our RTP acceleration technology provides extremely high and bandwidth-efficient correction rates to audio and video streams.

Protocol Optimizers

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LiveQoS Is Powering The Industry’s Most Innovative Products.

Case Study: MASV

When data-hungry apps and processes meet questionable, and inconsistent internet speeds the impact on the organization, and on individual productivity, are immediate.

Does your firm, or your app, need to:

  • Send copious amounts of data over the internet?
  • Send this data over long distances (cross-country, cross-continent, global)?
  • Guarantee delivery to meet deadlines or service level agreements? 

Processes like Backup & Restore, Data Migration, Enterprise File Sync & Share, Software Defined Storage, and Desktop Virtualization are all great examples of this.

How are you dealing with these issues? What solutions have you considered? Do you know what mistakes to avoid?

Learn how MASV, the pay-as-you-go, file transfer service for massive files used LiveNETWORK to solve this problem.

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