Wondering why your WiFi doesn’t deliver?

Ever wonder why it takes forever to download a video via Facebook when you’re using the free WiFi at your local
coffee shop?

The widespread use of WiFi gives us the freedom to work and network from any location whether it’s from home, from
the office boardroom, a hotel room or from the local Starbucks.

But the flexibility of that wireless connection comes at a cost— significantly reduced transmission speed.

The fact is that WiFi in its native form is just not up to the job of providing fast and high capacity connections.

WiFi has Limited Capacity – High-end consumer grade WiFi devices advertise that they are capable of speeds of 300
Mbps or even 450 Mbps, but these are the maximum radio speeds, not usable bandwidth rates. In reality, you will never see anywhere close to these advertised data rates because the speed you see is dependent on too many variables.

Some of these factors include:
– Distance (signal strength)
– Noise from other devices
– Noise from other APs
– Old devices
– Management overhead
– Retransmissions
– Wireless contention

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