Thin Client Computing (VDI)

Recent advances in virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) technologies are driving the growing interest in the advantages of thin client computing within the enterprise. However user acceptance and adoption depends on how much the virtual desktop or application behaves or “feels” like a local desktop or application.

A typical enterprise thin client computing deployment involves the Thin Client connecting through a branch office gateway to a best-effort WAN on its way to connecting to the corporate HQ data centre where the VDI server is located. Along this route VDI traffic experiences latency, packet loss, bandwidth variations, mismanaged and unmanaged networks.

Nearly all of those problems happen on 3rd party networks and are out of your control. The downside is that all of these network issues have a negative impact on the performance and quality of virtualized desktops and applications.

The upside is that a QoS solution, such as LiveQoS Inc. IPQtm will accelerate and protect VDI user traffic so the user has a high quality experience that is independent of these networking issues.


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