Lower Latency, Lower Jitter and Higher Throughput

The widespread use of WiFi gives us the freedom to work and network from any location whether it’s from home, from the office boardroom, airport, hotel room or the local Starbucks. But the flexibility of that wireless connection comes at a cost ― significantly reduced quality and performance.

With LiveWiFi from LiveQoS, our IPQ protected traffic will have lower latency, lower jitter and higher throughput. Simply put … a better end-user experience!


WiFi has limited capacity:
• Advertised data rates are never achieved…the reality is much worse
• WiFi is limited by distance (signal strength)
• WiFi is limited by noise (other WiFi networks, cordless phones, microwaves, security devices, baby monitors, etc…)
• Limited by older gear (802.11b in 802.11n network)
• Limited by error rates (retransmissions)
• Technical constraints resulting in unusable bandwidth