Unprecedented Network & Cloud Performance Reporting

LiveView is a management reporting tool that extends IT control outside the corporate network, across unmanaged networks,all the way to the end user. It is fully configurable through its powerful policy engine, allowing IT to specify how each application and end user should be protected.


LiveView delivers unprecedented end-to-end visibility of key application flows, across both managed and unmanaged networks. When QoE issues are reported by end users, LiveView provides IT with a complete toolkit of per-flow metrics and insight into potential end-system bottlenecks including:

  • Per-flow end-to-end packet loss, latency, data and packet rates
  • Network type and current link speed
  • CPU utilization
  • Memory utilization

Network performance is a primary factor impacting end user quality of experience (QoE) for terminal services and application and desktop virtualization.

Diagnosing QoE problems for these remote workers is often a challenge, due to the lack of network management
visibility of these networks. With LiveView, network managers gain insight into bottlenecks and issues that result in poor end user quality of experience.

LiveView automatically detects network issues and automatically enables its integrated optimizers to maximize end user QoE.