Faster File Transfers in the Cloud – Infographic

At LiveQoS®, it’s our mission to make things work faster – WiFi Networks, Cloud and SaaS applications, Mobile Devices – the things we connect to the internet.

As part of that mission, we’ve been working with some of the top enterprise cloud storage companies to make transferring files to and from the cloud blazingly fast – whether you’re on a local network at the office or on public WiFi, and, from all of your devices.  With more rapid and wide adoption of cloud storage. sync, and file share services within SMB’s and Enterprises – speed and customer experience have become key to staying competitive for these companies.

We decided to start testing all of the most popular cloud storage, file sharing, and syncing services to see just much of a difference LiveQoS® can make. We opted not to share who’s who, but have compiled our test results in the report below. Check it out:

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Are you a cloud storage provider and want to know where you stack up on this report? Click below, and we’ll send you a full report of our acceleration tests with your service:

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