Dramatically Improve User Quality of Experience with IPQ™ from LiveQoS®


IPQ™ from LiveQoS® is an end-to-end QoS system for unmanaged networks that dramatically improves users’ quality of experience (QoE) for cloud, mobile, and network-based applications.

How it Works

IPQ works by first sensing the network conditions and network technologies used on the network edge, and then intelligently applying optimizers to improve traffic quality by reducing packet loss, reducing latency, and generally improving the networking user experience. The best part is that IPQ is adaptive — when network
conditions change, so do the optimizations that are applied to ensure the best QoS possible for your situation.


Problems it solves

• Laggy remote applications lock up or have connections drop
• Unpredictable network conditions during video conferencing results in pixelized, smeared, and frozen video
• Dropped frames during video conferencing
• Unresponsive remote applications that lose connection to the server
• Interoperability nightmares between third party network solution products

Use Cases

Cloud computing — IPQ accelerates protected streams through the cloud for more responsive cloud-based applications.

Enterprise— IPQ accelerates and protects file transfers and disaster recovery times.

Mobile — IPQ brings the wired network experience to smartphone, tablet, and netbook users and traveling employees.

Unified Communications — IPQ provides world class network acceleration technology for integrated real-time communications.