Monitor, Analyze, & Accelerate Networks & Applications in Real Time

OEMs and application developers are facing daunting challenges as both the consumer and the enterprise have migrated away from the reliability and predictability of the desktop-and-LAN paradigm. They’ve moved to mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) that are running increasingly demanding, high bandwidth applications (video chat, video streaming, VDI) over the wired LAN, WiFi, 3G/4G, and the public Internet. The confluence of real-time, mobility, and multiple networks is driving the new requirement for application-specific network QoS solutions.

Only LiveQoS® has IPQ™ to find and fix the problems on any wired and wireless network guaranteeing the best video and virtualization experience for smartphones, tablets, laptops, workstations and thin clients.

Now, we’re making the powerful capabilities of our IPQ™ framework available in the cloud by developing our LiveQaaS™ (Quality as a Service™) offering. This cloud based architecture provides enhanced quality over the most problematic portions of the network, the on ramp and off ramp to the cloud. Our QaaS™ offering allows users to have a premium internet experience by providing faster file transfers, quicker backup and restore, clean video streaming, crisp audio and VoIP.